What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme also known as NDIS is a new government initiative that gives the participant the power to choose who provides their care and assistance.

NDIS is a service which supports disabled Australians under the age of 65. The aim is to help people living with a significant disability enjoy life and attain independence and autonomy. It is estimated that by 2019, 460,000 people will be participating in this scheme.

National Disability Insurance Scheme
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Importance of NDIS
Individuals with disability have similar rights as other Australians, and NDIS recognise this fact. NDIS is vital to the disabled community, as it replaces the current system with a new, more equally advantageous one. It is essential as it provides consistency and support for people living with disabilities, as well as their family and carers.

NDIS offers peace of mind to families where a child may be born with a disability. The scheme offers a lifetime of all the support and care needed to improve the participant’s life.

NDIS Requirnements
Can I Access NDIS?
In order to qualify for NDIS, you must have the following requirements:

  • Less than 65 years of age
  • Have permanent disability
  • Have Australian Citizenship
  • Have citizenship in a state where
  • NDIS is available