Support Coordination

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At Cald Care we offer exceptional support coordination services.

Our experienced support coordinator will help you to:

  • Link to mainstreams, community, informal and provider
  • Negotiate services to be provided and their prices
  • Develop service agreements and create service booking with preferred providers
  • Arrange for any assessments required to determine the nature and type of funding required (e.g assessment to determine the type of complex home modifications required)
  • Determine the budget for each support type and advise any relevant plan manager of the break-down of funds
  • Liaise with any plan manager to establish the appropriate claim categories and attribute the correct amount of funds
  • Strengthen and enhance participants capacity to coordinate supports, self-direct and manage supports and participate in the community, including providing participants with assistance to:
    • Resolve problem or issues that arise
    • Understand their responsibilities under service agreement
    • Change or end a service agreement

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